The Story...

SanneRose was founded in 2016. I have been raised in a creative environment. When growing up I was inspired by the class and style from the 30's Black-and-White movies.

After designing the school gym bags for my childeren, I decided to try something new. I alway had passion for designing, style and working with leather products. At that moment, I started SanneRose and launched our so-called 'Saddlebag'. Soon the first requests and orders followed.

After introducing our Saddlebag, I expanded the collection with other bags such as Backpacks, Shoppers and Mommybags. 

However, I still have lots of dreams and ambition. I want to expand SanneRose and renew the brand. I still have lots of ideas and soon there will be coming up new designs for the collections.

Our brand can be characterized with Simplicity and Pureness combined with premium quality. Our collection is handmade with love and devotion. Our collection is for the person who's has her own effortless style and adores quality.

I can proudly say that SannRose has become a brand with lots of satisfied customers and interesting followers.


Founder SanneRose
Rosanne Emid